Feline Health

Thoughtful Cat

We love our pets and want them to remain healthy. As such, we must be diligent about catching any diseases in their early stages. This helps us to maximize recovery and maintain treatment options. Annual exams can help your veterinary professional take preventive measures and remain proactive in your pet’s health. Remember that a year […]

German Shepherd Breed Information


The German Shepherd originated in Germany and was originally created as a herding dog by Von Stephanitz. German Shepherds were selectively bred for intelligence, speed, and strength. Stephanitz persuaded the police and various government branches to use the breed as a messenger, supply carrier, sentinel, tracking, and guard dog. The breed became popularized in the […]

Akita Breed Information


Akitas originated in Japan. They were introduced to the United States after Helen Keller visited Japan during an extended speaking tour and was given by the Japanese government. Akita’s have thick double coats and are known to be heavy shedders. Akita’s are found in the following colors: Fawn Red Red Fawn White Pinto Brindle Sesame […]

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a common and growing disease for dogs. It is characterized by the loosening of the hip joints, partial dislocation, and arthritis. Hip dysplasia causes the joints to chafe and grind rather than slide smoothly. This can be crippling to your dog depending on the degree of dislocation. Symptoms often vary from very […]

Chihuahua Breed Information


Chihuahuas were named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, where it is believed they originated. They have either long-hair or smooth coats. There are 30 AKC recognized colors. Among the more common are: Cream Fawn Red Sable Fawn Gold Fawn & White Chocolate and Tan with White Black & Tan Chocolate and Tan Chocolate […]