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We explore some of the most common and oldest misconceptions and urban legends about animals and pet care.

Indoor Pets

Myth: Heartworm prevention isn't necessary for indoor pets.

Cat Landing

Myth: Cats will instinctively land on their feet no matter what.

Dog Mouths

Myth: A dog's mouth is cleaner than that of his human counterpart.


Myth: Males dogs hump and females don't

Many dog owners think that female dogs aren't suppose to hump and that humping is a male behavior. The truth is that both female and male dogs hump regardless of whether or not they've been spayed or neutered. Humping is one way that dogs exercise dominance over each other. It is normal behavior for both males and females. It isn't always done with sexual intention and is just as likely to occur with other animals, as it is people or objects.

Fact or Fiction

Did You Know

thumb_01_60_60Wagging Tails

Fiction: Dogs wag their tails because they're happy.

It can also mean that he's feeling nervous, anxious, or aggressive. Consider everything before making assumptions. What is the rest of the body telling you?

thumb_01_60_60Banned Breeds

Fiction: Breeds on a banned list are aggressive and can't be trusted.

Some breeds are selected because of their power and size and are taught to cause harm. Some are neglected or abused and become aggressive out of fear. Any dog can be dangerous under the right circumstances.

thumb_01_60_60Dog Poo

Fact: Dog feces can make children go blind.

Roundworm eggs exist in non-wormed dog poop and will cause damage to a child's eyesight if touched or ingested. The eggs hatch into larvae which travel throughout the body, including the eyes.

thumb_01_60_60Healthier Purebreds

Fact: Mutts are healthier than purebreds.

Research shows that cross breeds live longer, healthier lives and are less susceptible to certain diseases and conditions than most purebreds.

Training Myths

Choke Chains

Myth: Choke chains will stop your dog from pulling on lead.

Training Age

Myth: Dogs need to be at least 6 months old to be trained.

Potty Training

Myth: Rub their nose in pee to train them.

Tug of War

Myth: It causes aggression in dogs.

How old is your dog, really?

Multiplying a dog's age by seven does not give you its human age. Check out how to calculate your dog's age or use a dog age calculator.


Some of the following cat myths have been around for quite some time. Read along as we challenge some of these common misconceptions and separate fact from fiction.

All Cats Hate Water

True or False

False - Most cats don’t like water but some seem to be alright with it. Some speculate that the water weighs them down, leaving them feeling cold and uncomfortable. This creates a sense of panic for them.

Cats Only Purr When They're Happy

True or False

False - A cat’s purr is caused by a message from the brain that make the muscles in the voice box twitch and separate. This produces the purring sound when a cat inhales and exhales. When a cat is frightened, sick, or happy, the signal is sent.

Cats See in the Dark

True or False

False - Cats and dogs both have a different eye anatomy and physiology than humans. They have thinner corneas, can open their irises wider, and have more rods behind the retina for magnifying light impulses. While it doesn’t allow them to see in total darkness, it does let them see low levels of light better than humans.


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