Veterinary Care, Grooming, Boarding, and Acupuncture


Westchester Animal Hospital is a multi-faceted care and diagnostic facility. We are committed to the health and well-being of your pet and are able to provide comprehensive veterinary services at affordable prices. Our staff are trained and will provide personalized attention while focusing on problem prevention and nutrition. Services include bathing, complete climate controlled pet boarding, grooming, and advanced medical and surgical procedures. We are a full service pharmacy and can provide heartworm medication, flea/tick control, arthritis pain medication, and prescription diet food. Other medications are also available depending on your pet's medical condition.


animal surgery

Westchester Animal Hospital will determine the least invasive and most effective treatment plan in order to optimize patient outcome. If surgery is deemed necessary, the patient is evaluated prior to surgery and an individual anesthetic and pain management plan is chosen depending on the species, breed, age, and physical condition of the patient. Surgical procedures are conducted using sterile techniques that include cleaning and disinfecting surgery areas, wearing masks, caps, and gloves, and sterilizing instruments and equipment between patients.


pet acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is becoming more predominant as pet lovers seek new treatment options to help with chronic conditions and pain relief. Usually combined with traditional western veterinary medicine, acupuncture is a practice in traditional Chinese medicine involving the insertion of thin needles at specific points in the body. Heat, pressure, or mild electrical current can sometimes be used along with the needles. By stimulating nerves and unblocking the flow of energy, acupuncture seems to alleviate certain symptoms and conditions successfully.


Animals need vaccinations to stay healthy and to fight deadly diseases. Some disease endemic areas have high prevalency rates and require yearly vaccine boosters to maintain immunity at desired levels. Many vaccines can be given to animals as early as six weeks old. Don't wait. Call us to find out more and to set up a vaccination schedule for your pet. Please review recommended vaccines below.




We provide regular bathing services including medicated baths. Bathing will help get rid of excessive skin oils, dirt, and flea eggs that lead to matted hair and can cause skin irritation. If left untreated, skin irritations will lead to skin infections and aggravated skin allergies. Bathing can successfully kill fleas. However, ticks are harder to kill and usually require additional treatment options. We recommend that in addition to bathing your pet you use a Preventic collar, flea/tick topical medication, or flea/tick pill. Please ask the doctor for the best option given the specific needs of your pet. If your pet suffers from a skin condition, a medicated bath may be helpful. Medicated baths have been know to alleviate some skin conditions like seborrhea. Please contact us for additional information or to have your pet examined for a skin problem.

Nail and Ear

It is important that your pet’s nails be kept short to reduce the potential for broken nails and facilitate scratching. Short nails will make it much easier for your pet to walk. Overgrown nails can dig into your pet's paw, split, or pull off the bone and become infected. This is painful and will cause difficulty walking and scratching.

Ear infections are common in pets especially those with ears that hang down. Ear cleaning can prevent infections and get rid of odor by keeping ears clear of dirt, mites, and excess wax. We recommend you clean your pet's ears weekly. Unfortunately, most animals do not like having their ears cleaned and may struggle. If this is the case, we recommend you let our staff do it for you during your next visit.


imageWe offer general hair cuts to get rid of matted or tangled hair, reduce shedding, and keep your pet cool during hot weather. Haircuts include bathing, blow drying, anal gland cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and scented spritz. If you would like to order an add-on service please let us know ahead of time.



Westchester Animal Hospital provides boarding as a service to clients. We offer both overnight and day boarding. We have limited space and recommend reservations be made to ensure there is available space. For the safety of all pets in our charge, we require that all pets be up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to boarding with us.

For your pet's well-being as well as the well-being of the other pets boarding with us, we will check your pet both internally and externally for parasites. If you would like additional information, please contact us. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to alleviate any stress you have about leaving your pet with us.

If you would like to tour our facility prior to boarding with us, please call to make an appointment.

Special Needs

If your pet has special needs or health issues, we will gladly provide special attention during your pet's stay. This includes medication requirements and diet needs.

Animals requiring veterinary attention during their boarding stay will be treated at the owner's expense.

Visits and Discharge

Some pets stay at the facility overnight for observation after undergoing a medical procedure. We understand that there may be some anxiety about leaving your pet at our facility and that you may enjoy a visit with your pet. However, a constant flow of people tends to excite all pets in the kennel and can cause unnecessary stress. As a result, visits will only be permitted at our discretion and require prior notification.

We take every precaution to ensure your pet's safety and proper care. However, should an emergency occur, we will contact you immediately.

All pets will be discharged during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.


Preventative wellness care is essential to good health for humans and pets alike. Annual exams are the key to early detection. Early detection can prevent advanced illnesses and the high stress and expense associated with treatment. We recommend you meet with the veterinarian to discuss appropriate behavior and lifestyle changes aimed at optimizing health and preventing health complications. Examples of preventative care include:
  • Yearly wellness examinations
  • Individualized vaccination schedules
  • Preventative parasite testing
  • Wellness blood work tailored to the age of the pet
  • Flea/tick and heartworm preventative medications
  • 100% nutritionally complete diet

Some pets have conditions which require exploratory diagnostic procedures in order to uncover underlying problem areas. Please call or make an appointment to discuss any concerns that you may have with the doctor. Remember that most things can be treated if caught early.


dental image

Dental disease is one of the most common problems in dogs and cats. Routine dental care can help keep your pet healthy for many years. If untreated, dental disease can lead to pain and infection, not just in the mouth, but throughout the whole body. Our doctors do a complete oral examination under general anesthesia and develop a treatment plan specifically designed for your pet. All dental cleanings and treatments are performed under general anesthesia. A routine dental cleaning includes ultrasonic scaling above and below the gum line, polishing, and fluoride treatment. If extractions are needed, an appropriate pain management plan will be formulated and implemented.


Nutritional Supplements

We are happy to consult with you regarding your pet's nutritional and dietary requirements. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) partially defines a dietary supplement as a product that supplements the food you eat and contains one or more dietary ingredient, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs or other botanicals. Vitamins and minerals help your body grow, develop, and function properly. Herbal or botanical (plant) supplements have a medicinal purpose and support a specific area of the body (i.e. bone or skin). Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work together to provide optimal health and prevent ailments.

Pet Supplies

For your convenience and your pet's health and happiness, we carry a selection of pet supplies including flea/tick control products, toothpaste, dietary supplements, wet/dry food options, and grooming aids.

Dogs and Cats Supplies

We pride ourselveson providing superior customer service